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Vegan Beauty Essentials to Ring in Summer

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With summer quickly approaching, it is nice to give your everyday beauty routine a gentle shake-up.  The May 2016 Vegan Cuts beauty box is filled with beauty essentials that will help you feel and look your best for your Memorial Day soiree! 

May 2016 Vegan Cuts beauty box 
The May 2016 Vegan Cuts beauty box, shining in all of its cruelty-free glory!

Everclen Facial Toner ($15 Value)

Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this toner provides hydration to nourish and refresh your skin.  To apply, you spray it on which I love because not only does it act as a wake-up call in the morning, it coats the face evenly with little effort.  Every second in the morning counts, right?  The toner settles into the skin effortlessly and makes it really soft to the touch.  The main moisturizing component is the aloe barbadensis leaf juice which also soothes the skin.  The lavender flower extract calms the skin as well and balances complexion.  Non-GMO. Non-Irritating. Non-Comedogenic...check, check...check! It is also dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

Everclen facial toner for sensitive skin


Terre Mère Cosmetics ($34 Value!, that there alone just paid for the box and then some.)

This gorgeous, sleek brush is so soft and works great!  I have been using it to apply bronzer and blush in the areas I want to be contoured.  The bristles hold on to the powders which avoid making a mess (does anyone else's sink look like a beauty crime scene sometimes?) and blend them smoothly onto the skin.  100% Cruelty-free synthetic hair.

Terre Mere bronzer and blush brush 


The Granola Goat Face Serum ($4 Value)

I absolutely love this!  As I stated in the April Vegan Cuts review, I have was nervous to try oil-based facial moisturizers but I have come to happily embrace them!  The main ingredients in this serum are red raspberry seed oil and sea buckthorn berry oil.  They create a super nourishing combo that your skin will merrily drink up.  The oils used in this wonderful concoction are cold-pressed and USDA certified organic.  The red raspberry seed oil has a high content of phytosterols which prevent sun damage and has an SPF as high as 28-50, keeping those premature wrinkles at bay!

The Granola Goat face serum


Medusa's Makeup Lip Gloss ($9 Value)
I received Siren, which is a pretty coral-pinky color.  I must admit that at first I was a little skeptical about the sparkle in it.  I had instant flashbacks of my Lip Smacker days (all glitter everything) but once the color is on, the sparkle blends in really well and even enhances it.  It is a beautiful, fun color that will be great for the summer and beyond.  It does not come out as dark on your lips as it appears in the tube, which I prefer.  It could also be worn over a complementary lipstick color for a unique look.
Medusa's Makeup lip gloss in siren  


Molly Rose Balms Body Scrub ($2 Value)

Mmm...grapefruit and basil, my senses were delighted with this fragrance!  They work together to give you this awesomely delicious body scrub.  Unlike most scrubs I've tried, this one spreads easily to cover large areas of skin while only using a small amount.  It left my skin feeling soft, hydrated and smelling like a well-balanced salad...and I mean that in a good way!  I love that it is packed nourishing oils like jojoba, sea buckthorn, peppermint, white grapefruit and basil.  

Molly Rose Balms exfoliating body scrub vegan and cruelty free grapefruit basil   

Current price per box: $22.95

Total value of the May 2016 beauty box: $64.00! Wowza.

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    That’s good to know about the sparkle in the lip gloss. I will see some that look pretty, but worry if it would be s bit too much. Your review was helpful! Thanks! ?

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