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Oh Honee, Honee!

Renee Willoughby vegan

If you are a fan of the ABC show Shark Tank (or Mr. Wonderful, ha), there is a good chance you saw the vegan honey brand, Bee Free Honee®, on an episode that aired in February.  They were vying for the opportunity to snag a deal with one of the esteemed sharks and (spoiler alert!)...they not only made a deal with 1 but 3 sharks!  You go, Glen Coco!

vegan honey honee made from apples

According to co-founder, Katie Sanchez, Bee Free Honee® was a happy (and delicious!) accident.  Only if every mistake could be so tasty...She was originally trying to make a less-sweet version of an apple jelly but ended up creating a bee-free honey instead.  It is made of organic apple juice concentrate, water, non-GMO/vegan cane sugar and lemon juice...Don't you love it when companies specify their sugar is vegan?  

Before becoming vegan, I was never that fond of always had a lingering, funky taste.  Could it be because it is regurgitated by bees?  Yes, quite possibly.  When I saw the Bee Free Honee® at my local Sprouts, I immediately grabbed one and could not wait to try it. (Side note: The following week when I went back to Sprouts, they were all sold out! I love seeing vegan products fly off the shelves.)  After trying it, I found there was no weird aftertaste like I would usually get with real honey...just a pleasant apple flavor.  It has the same thick, goopy (and I mean that in a loving way) texture that you would expect from the real stuff.  

So far I've used it to make honee mustard, a mustard vinegarette dressing, tea lattes and have added it to oatmeal and coconut milk yogurt...everything was delish!  I was able to put down the mustard long enough to see they even have a couple of recipes on their website.  Vegan Honee and Almond Milk Rice Krispie Treats? Yes, please!

Their mission is to create awareness for the welfare of the honey bees.  Bee Free Honee® helps to preserve their food supply (the bees make honey to get them through winter when they are unable to forage and is nearly impossible to obtain nectar from flowers) and let them lead their lives freely while being valuable pollinators to our precious ecosystem.

Click here to learn more about Bee Free Honee® and where to purchase! :)

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