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Animal Welfare Trumps Swimwear

Renee Willoughby cruelty free fashion vegan

Nice to meet you…

Welcome to my first post! :) Before starting Threads for Love, I had been working in the swimwear industry for the past 5 years. It was a great opportunity to grow creatively and develop my skills even further as a designer. If anyone reading this has experience in the fashion industry, you know how stressful it can be; filled with countless overtime hours, projects that appear out of nowhere that are due yesterday, the “too many cooks in the kitchen” syndrome and the always enjoyable, “Ugh, they sewed that wrong AGAIN.” I had always felt like I dealt with the stress of these inevitable situations rather well, remaining cool and collected (most of the time.) However, after arriving home one night from work, I had an epiphany (some may call it a breakdown)…I was stressed out to the max, I can’t clearly remember which swimwear catastrophe put me over the edge but nevertheless, I was well off it, in the ocean somewhere. In that moment, I thought to myself “All of this stress for what? So that Becky can have the trendiest bikini for when she jets off for spring break to make some bad decisions?” Maybe not that thought exactly but the conclusion I came to was that all of the stress I put on my mind and body did nothing good for anyone or anything.

Being an animal lover my whole life, I questioned myself, why can’t I combine two of my loves, animals and fashion? And that was the night that delved me into the next few months of confusion and uncertainty. I was excited about this newfound journey I would find myself on but also lost as hell as to what my next step would be. After much soul searching, I finally felt like the clouds had separated and my vision became even clearer. Although I find myself still learning and developing in my new path, I’m happy to know that at least it will be for the benefit animals, whom deserve nothing but kindness and our support.

My goal for Threads for Love is to offer fashionable apparel and accessories that promote animal welfare. A portion of the proceeds generated through Threads for Love will be donated to various animal rescues and organizations. I want to offer people an outlet for those seeking an alternative to the big retailers and as a bonus, will help an animal while still getting their shopping fix. I am excited to be able to feature companies with the same mindset and will soon be offering products of my own! Thank you for listening and I hope you will join me on this journey!♥

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