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Get Ready to Fall in Love...

Renee Willoughby beauty box cruelty free eco friendly vegan vegan beauty box vegan cuts vegan gifts

…with Vegan Cuts September beauty box!  This month's box is filled with a variety of refreshing, wonderful products to incorporate into your beauty regime. Fall may not be the official start of a new year but there’s something about that autumn air that makes me yearn for a change.  And what better way to start the “new” year off right than with new beauty products! Take a peek into the September 2015 Vegan Cuts beauty box! :)

Vegan Cuts September Beauty Box
September 2015 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box
♥Au Naturale Eye Shadow- I received the color “Addiction” which is a deep yet vibrant olive green…perfect to complement the blue skies of fall or a new fall outfit ;). This eye shadow glides very easily over the lids and stays put without being thick. It also blended very easily with powder eye shadows, which was a happy surprise. I have found that some other cream eye shadows are too thick and create a weird, goopy texture on your lid; not making it friendly to combine it with powder eye shadows or even certain eyeliners for that matter. I love this color because it brings out the gold flecks in my brown eyes and it is perfect to wear day or night.
♥Derma E Hydrating Night Cream- With another birthday not too far away, I was happy to receive this night cream that is supposed to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while plumping the skin…shoo wrinkles, don’t bother me! I had used a daytime moisturizer by this same company, which I loved so I had a feeling this night cream would be as equally awesome. It has a soft hand feel and is accompanied by a light, refreshing smell. You don’t need to use a lot of it to get full coverage for your face and neck (don’t forget the neck! That’s what my mom taught me). With some night creams I have used in the past, a nice little zit would greet me in the morning.   However, with this cream, I luckily had no such visitors when I woke up.
♥Norabloom Botanicals- this delightful little packet is filled with three cotton pads soaked in organic rosewater, organic witch hazel and radish root. As soon as I tore open the packet, the air was filled with a refreshing and invigorating scent.   I applied one of the cotton pads to my face and even did a quick swipe around my neck, chest and arms. It works perfectly to calm and cool the skin, while providing a mood-boosting scent!
♥Being Lava Terra Clay- I was excited to see this clay mask in the box because I have been on a clay kick since discovering Black Magic from the Fanciful Fox, which you can read about on my previous blog post here:  You can use this black clay as a mask or a scrub cleanser. The first time I used it was as a scrub cleanser, which worked great. It’s very fine so that makes it easier to mix with water and wash the grime away. I then used it as a mask, which delighted my fiancé when I emerged from the bathroom looking like a masked burglar. If used as a mask, it says to leave it on until it dries, which doesn’t take very long, only a few minutes. After washing off my cat burglar face, I felt that my skin looked refreshed and bright. My skin also felt very smooth and moisturized.
♥Enfusia Bath Bomb- Being a bride-to-be could be a little a lot stressful so this bath bomb was greeted with open, tired arms. This bath bomb was aaamazing… as soon as I dropped it in the warm bath, it immediately started dissolving, filling the air with a wonderfully relaxing rose scent. There were even pieces of rose petal emerging from the bath bomb. I felt like this bath bomb made the water soft, which I’m assuming was the work of the essential oils. My skin felt so soft when I finally submerged back on dry land. I was happy to say that I stayed in a relaxed state for the remainder of the night. These little gems would be perfect for Christmas gifts! I know, I said it..Christmas! Ah!
♥Aubrey Organics Hairspray- I haven’t done much research into vegan/cruelty free hairsprays since I do not use them frequently so I was thrilled to find this included in the box; one less thing to research! This hairspray contains chia seed oil, which helps prevent that crunchy, prom-like hair. It held my curling iron created waves very well while still giving them a natural look. At the end of the night, my hair brushed out really well, in fact, it even felt softer. It also has a light smell to it unlike those other hairsprays that give you an instant headache.


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