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All Treats, No Tricks: The October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

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The Vegan Cuts beauty box continues to impress. I love being introduced to companies I have yet to hear of by way of amazing products in the beauty boxes. This month’s box is filled with products that will beautify and prep you for the cooler days ahead. Join me in exploring the October 2015 Vegan Cuts beauty box!

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

These vampires were kind enough to deliver my October 2015 Vegan Cuts beauty box!

♥Jersey Shore Cosmetics Gold Leaf Highlighter- I’m pretty picky with my highlighters because I like my skin to glow, not look like a glitter bomb went off in my face (although my 6th grade self would disagree with that statement). This highlighter is beautiful. It applies on the skin smoothly and gives a natural glow. No need to worry about applying too much because it comes out subtle so you can build upon it to get your desired look. I applied it to my cheekbones, nose, chin, and brow bone. I felt like it really brought my look together and complemented my make up perfectly. Real gold flakes account for the shimmer in this highlighter and apparently they are edible! But I have yet to taste test it.

♥Luxie Beauty Angled Make Up Brush- This delightful, little pink brush is perfect for blending in powders and creams. It is also a good size for contouring. Since I have yet to master the Pinterest-worthy contoured face, I used this brush to apply my powdered bronzers and blushes. It blended in the powders very well; it really held on to the make up and did not create a mess while applying. It is small enough for accurate application but big enough to cover enough ground. As a bonus, the bristles are very soft and feel great on the skin!

The Ariel Co. Oil Hair Mask- I was a little skeptical about this mask because when I read the words, “oil hair mask”, a picture of the Fonz popped into my head. But hey, for mermaid-like locks, I would give it a go. I was able to apply enough to my hair before I proceeded to knock the bottle over and watch my mermaid hair dreams go down the drain. :(   I let the mask soak in to my dry hair for 30 minutes like instructed, then shampooed and conditioned like normal. When my hair was dry, I could definitely feel a difference. My hair felt really smooth, soft and surprisingly light. It brushed easily and with no sign of tangles.

Le Beurre Shop Shea Butter Cream-   this stuff is decadent, wow! This unrefined shea butter cream is perfect for all of those stubborn, dry areas like elbows, hands, and if you are unlucky like me, heels. No amount of pedicures or power sanders can make my feet feel soft. But I have high hopes for this cream. I started to apply it to my heels daily and I feel like they are getting softer (fingers and toes crossed!). This cream will be extra beneficial in the winter when the weather wreaks havoc on the skin. It goes a long way and applies smoothly so you don’t need very much.

♥October Fields Lip Balm- I love this lip balm! I am picky with lip balms because I do not like it when they are very sweet, like I just smeared a cherry pie across my lips or if they are too thick.  I don’t chow down on my lip balms but you know what I’m talking about, right? The October Fields lip balm is perfectly moisturizing without being thick or goopy. I feel like my lips can still breath through it. It has a soft, natural scent/flavor that’s calming and refreshing.

♥True Moringa Peppermint Body Oil- This oil is produced from the Moringa tree, which is rich in anti-oxidants and moisturizing properties. This oil absorbs into the skin quickly and does not leave a residue, just moisturized skin. The oil spreads over the skin easily so a little goes a long way. I used this oil on my cuticles and on the top of my hands, which worked wonders. The peppermint oil added in would also make it great to alleviate headaches and sinus pressure.


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