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Giving Thanks for Vegan Cuts!

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After (reluctantly) returning home from my recent honeymoon, I was greeted by the November Vegan Cuts beauty box. If I had to return to normalcy than this little box of beauty bliss was a great homecoming. Let’s look at the loveliness that is inside, shall we?

The November 2015 Vegan Cuts beauty box!
The November 2015 Vegan Cuts beauty box!

♥100% Pure Liquid Eyeliner- I’ll have to admit, when I first saw that it was liquid eyeliner, I got a little nervous. I love liquid eyeliner but whenever I apply it, I find myself holding my breath and hoping for the best. This has to be the best one I have used thus far. It went on so smoothly and precisely that it made it easy to get a perfect winged look. *To note, I applied this after a very strong cup of coffee. #goals. I believe the way that the brush applicator is shaped helps with the application. And the color, wow! It is such a rich, pigmented Black. Crushed black tea leaves are used to achieve the color, how cool is that?

♥Nubian Heritage Body Lotion- This hydrating body lotion is comprised of hemp seed oil, shea butter and neem oil; also known as, the good stuff. As mentioned above, my sunny, sea salt filled honeymoon left my skin feeling less than supple, no matter how much sunscreen I used. This luxurious lotion was just the ticket to re-hydrating my skin. It is of a slightly thick consistency but melts into the skin with ease. It is the kind of lotion that dissolves into your skin without leaving a residue. As if this product couldn’t get any better, it is created by a company that combats poverty by investing in shea butter cooperatives in Ghana. They do not just invest money into these cooperatives but also invest in the employees by empowering them to develop self-sustaining businesses. Sold!

♥Shea Radiance Hair Spritz- This hair spritz also has some of that good stuff in it: shea butter and hemp seed oil. As stated on the bottle, it can be used on wet or dry hair. I first used it on my wet hair as a detangler, which worked wonders. Once completely dried, my hair felt soft and bouncy *insert GIF of Marcia Brady swinging her hair here*. I desired more of this Marcia Brady-like hair so I applied some on my dry hair. My strands gladly drank up the moisturizing properties and smoothed some flyaways; those suckers aren’t going anywhere!

♥Mineral Fusion Nail Polish- I received the color Lagoon; a gorgeous emerald green that is a perfect shade to wear year-round. It glided onto my nails so smoothly and evenly. The consistency is relatively thin and I say that as a compliment. Other nail polishes I’ve used make it look like puff paint exploded onto my nails. It dried fast in-between coats and the color looks even more beautiful on the nail than it does in the bottle (I didn’t think that was possible); it is so vibrant and happy. Oh the simple things in life that can bring a smile to your face. :)

♥BohemianBeautyCo. Botanicals- This beautiful pouch of awesomeness if filled with dried botanicals such as lavender, rose petals, chamomile and marigold flowers. This one in particular is the calming blend and as you may know, we can all use a little calm in our lives with the holiday season craziness. The directions are to submerge the botanicals in boiling water, drape a towel over your head to create a steam tent and then simply relax, mediate, reflect, whichever you choose, just not lifting the towel up to take a quick look at your Instagram. I first did this in the morning, which I was originally thinking might not be the best idea since I was going to be so relaxed and still kind of sleepy, I ran the risk of face planting in the bowl. But I actually found it invigorating while still being serene. As soon as most people wake up it is, “Go, go, go!” but this gave me a chance to just “be” before the day was in full swing. Once I completed the 10 minutes, I washed my face to get rid of any impurities that may have been extracted. I felt refreshed and ready to conquer the day. 


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