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Happy Giving Tuesday!

Renee Willoughby giving tuesday no kill shelter save them all

Giving Tuesday was started as a way to shift gears from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craziness to focus on what really matters, giving back.

There are many organizations that are participating in this movement, which is phenomenal. You can donate to the one of your choosing and most are even matching the donations (i.e. if you donate $10, they will throw in another $10 for a $20 total donation). One organization that is near and dear to my heart is the Best Friends Animal Society.  They started by opening the largest sanctuary for various animals in Kanab, UT in 1984. The sanctuary is home for cats, dogs, horses, pigs, birds and many other animals in need of lifelong care. They have since expanded their work into no-kill shelters and pet adoption centers in Los Angeles, New York City and Salt Lake City. They also have a network of animal rescue groups across the nation called No More Homeless Pets Network.  Their mission is to save them all and create no-kill communities.

Best friends animal sanctuary kitten nursery

I am fortunate to have the chance to volunteer at the Los Angeles location in Mission Hills. I currently volunteer in the kitten neonatal unit. Yes, I get to bottle feed kittens! I have to downplay my “awww!” just a tad when I volunteer. Most shelters do not have the time or resources necessary to provide what kittens need but thankfully Best Friends does. The kittens come to the no-kill shelter from various shelters throughout Los Angeles that would not be able to provide them with a fighting chance for adoption otherwise. The kittens can range in age from a few days to eight weeks. From volunteering in the nursery, I see first-hand how hard the staff works around the clock (kittens need 24-hour care) in order to provide the best possible care for these little cutie pies.

Best friends animal sanctuary kitten nursery

A full nursery can mean 150 kittens currently reside there. That means a lot of resources are needed to move the kittens through to adoption. If you do plan on donating this Giving Tuesday, please consider donating to the Best Friends Animal Society. Not only do they provide a chance of life for the kittens with their wonderful neonatal unit but any animal that needs help and compassion, in order to get them to a forever home.

To donate, please click here: Giving Tuesday

For more information about the Best Friends Animal Society, click here:

To have your heart melted, please watch this video!:


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