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Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: 10 Cruelty-Free Gift Ideas

The holidays are fast approaching, like they always do, and the race is on to check off all of the people on your list, whether they've been naughty or nice. I’ve created this gift guide to showcase some of my favorite cruelty-free and fun products that could easily double as a great gift.


Thug Kitchen Cook Books: The Official Cook Book and Party Grub

These cook books are chock full of awesome recipes that are perfect for both herbivores and curious-omnivores alike. The recipes are easy to follow and they do not require a ton of ingredients that are going to make your Whole Foods bill skyrocket even more than it already does...anyone else act like it’s their last day on Earth when they go to Whole Foods? As you might be able to tell from the covers, the authors are big fans of the “Eat like you give a f*ck” mantra and that theme transcends throughout the books. Make sure the person you gift this to has a sense of humor and doesn’t mind a little cursing with their Tofu Ricotta recipe. 

Thug Kitchen cook book for delicious and easy vegan recipes  Thug Kitchen Party Grub cook book for the best vegan party food ideas

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The Elephant Pants

If you haven’t heard of this company, it is definitely worth your while to check them out. They are on a mission to help save the elephants by donating $1-$4 from every purchase to the African Wildlife Foundation. The donations help to support the rangers that are fighting for these elephants. Some of their duties include collecting field data on wildlife and human activities, arresting poachers and hunters and destroying hunting camps…pretty badass people right? 

The Elephant Pants are a beautiful, color pants and part of the proceeds go towards helping elephants survive

Photo Credit: The Elephant Pants

 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

If you’ve read my blog posts, you know I am a big fan of the Vegan Cuts beauty box. With more people realizing that some of their favorite beauty products are contributing to animal suffering, they want to make change to their regime but may not know where to start. The beauty box is deal for someone looking to find new favorites that are cruelty-free, as well as perfect for someone who wants to expand their knowledge to even more compassionate brands. And since there are so many up-and-coming vegan companies (yay to that!), there are always new ones to discover. 

vegan beauty cuts for all of your vegan and cruelty-free essentials

 Photo Credit: Vegan Cuts

Zensufu Back Pain Relief Acupressure Massage Mat and Neck Pillow Set

This may look like a torture device but hear me out. I bought this mat with a little trepidation but that soon went away after my first experience laying on it. When you lay down on it, your weight is evenly distributed so there is no pain, just a little bit of pressure, but good pressure. This mat has been a savior for me for sore muscles and lower back tightness caused by working out.

Ease muscle pain with the Zensufu mat

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Christy Robinson Necklaces

These necklaces are the perfect piece of jewelry to complement any outfit, all while making a statement. These meaningful necklaces are composed of recycled aluminum; making them lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are stamped by hand and with love in Dallas, TX.

adorable vegan and cruelty free neckaces

 Photo Credit: Vegan Cuts

ATA-The 3 R’s T-Shirt for Men and Women

This shirt is simple yet poignant. The shirts are great to spread the message of adoption while looking stylish doing it. It is made of 100% ring spun cotton, which makes it super soft and comfortable. Is there someone in your life that brings home a new, rescued animal every week? Why not deck them out in appropriate gear!

 Adopt, Don't Shop. The perfect rescue shirt to promote adopting.Adopt, Don't Shop. The perfect rescue shirt to promote adopting.

 Photo Credit: Arm the Animals

Tina and Amy and Mindy! Oh my!

These smart, funny ladies, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling, sure do write some entertaining material! I’ve been on a recent “funny book” kick and these ones fit the bill. Be warned, if you read any one of these in public, you might get some funny looks due to your laughing fits. These books are wonderfully entertaining accounts of these women’s lives and their journeys to success. It’s fascinating to read about their humble beginnings and inspiring to learn about their accomplishments, both professionally and personally. 

Tina Fey bookAmy Poehler bookMindy Kaling book

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Adventure Kitty T-Shirts

These shirts are purrfect (sorry, it’s just too easy) for the cat lovers in your life or anyone that appreciates cool graphics. These kitties have profiles and stories behind them like the Ashland Kitty (the first one on the left) is “a natural wandered and good-natured soul, he’s a bit of a Robin Hood.” How cute is that?

Cute cat shirts for all of your kitty lovers out there

Photo Credit: Adventure Kitty

Holiday Chocolate Caramels from the Farm Sanctuary

By purchasing these decadent little morsels, you will be supporting the Farm Sanctuary’s mission to protect farm animals from cruelty and inspire change in the way society views and treats animals. These vegan chocolates are organic, fair-trade and made from locally sourced ingredients. There are 7 different flavors: Rosemary Sea Salt, Thyme Lemon Sea Salt, Strawberry Balsamic, Maple Pecan Caramel, Cardamom Caramel and Spicy Apple Caramel…are you hungry yet? 

Vegan chocolates for a good cause

Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary

Bare Bones- Men’s Moisturizing Skin Care Kit

Bare Bones Body Care uses elements that are made from scratch or are locally sourced from organic and local suppliers. These products are made only made from pure and organic essential oils; free of any toxins and preservatives. This kit will help to leave tough, manly (Oorah!) skin feeling soothed and invigorated.

natural skin care free of any additives or artificial ingredients    

Photo Credit: Bare Bones Body Care

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