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Walking in a Beauty Wonderland

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Another holiday season has come and gone, let us now breathe a sigh of relief! I received the December Vegan Cuts beauty box just in time this month, right before I was east coast bound for the holidays. The box served as a nice little pre-Christmas gift for myself. This month’s box was extra special because Vegan Cuts teamed up with Leaping Bunny, featuring some of their favorite products. Now sit back, relax, finish those tofurkey leftovers and join me in exploring the goodies inside!

Vegan cuts beauty box with all of the essential vegan make up and wellness products
The last beauty box of 2015!
♥Concrete Minerals Eyeshadow- I received this Pro Matte eyeshadow in Bandit, which is a gorgeous, dusty rose color. It is a great, neutral color to wear alone for a minimal look or you could blend it easily with darker, complementary colors for more drama. It applied easily to my lids and lasted throughout the day. All of their products are free of preservatives like parabens and cheap fillers. Conrete Minerals 
♥Crazy Rumors Lip Balm- I received this in Cinnamon Bun and I could not stop smelling it! The scent reminded me of those cookie batter candles…Ugh! It smells so good. Anyways, this hydrating lip balm has some good-for-your-kisser organic ingredients like olive oil, Shea butter and jojoba seed oil. I found that it is so moisturizing that I do not have to keep re-applying it constantly…well, unless I am in the mood for dessert. :) 
crazy rumors cinnamon bun
♥Demes Natural Products Cleanser- This hydrating cleanser and make up remover is composed of olive and castor oils.  I was intrigued because I had never used an oil based cleanser before.  Demes states that "Oil gets rid of oil" and it sure does!  I was extremely impressed by how thorough this product cleansed my skin.  It did not strip my skin leaving it feeling dry, rather it left it feeling moisturized.  To remove my eye make up, I gently rubbed the oil in a circular motion over my lids.  It quickly broke up the make up, making it easy to wash off.  Another win for Demes!  My first experience with them was their Butter Me Up Moisture Stick which is a godsend in this cooler weather. 
demes facial cleanser
♥Auromere Toothpaste- Fresh Mint- This Ayurvedic toothpaste combines PEELU, a natural fiber, with the astringent and cleansing properties of NEEM and 24 other barks, roots, plants and flowers that have been used by Ayurvedic specialists for optimal dental hygiene. For those of you unfamiliar with NEEM, it is a tree whose leaves, fruit and seeds are known to have antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It does have a bit of an earthy taste and the color is not a chemically-induced bright white so it might throw some people off but it’s definitely worth a try, especially after reading up about how NEEM can keep your mouth in tip-top shape, no stanky breath over here! auromere ayurvedic toothpaste
♥Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Blush- Adorably named, this “Sweet Sixteen” pressed cheek color is a soft and subtle pink. You can build on it for your desired look; you don’t have to worry about the 80’s calling for their look back. Normally I am a bronzeaholic but this blush is a nice change, especially in the colder months.  Not only is it a pretty color but also made up of some pretty ingredients that your skin will thank you for like orange peel wax, jojoba and broccoli seed. lauren brooke cosmetiques   
♥Acure Organics Facial Mask- A product that instructs you to “Apply evenly over the face until you look like a green sea-monster” is A-Okay in my book. This mask helps to stimulate skin cells with Moroccan Argan Stem Cells and Chlorella Growth Factor. The Sea-Monster Green clay helps to draw out the impurities in your skin while the Moroccan Argan oil, CoQ10 and Seabuckthorn oil provide moisture and cell repair, which can help firm the skin. After frightening my family with another weird face mask, I am happy to say that it will become a part of my weekly routine, especially with a birthday quickly approaching…and may I add, a little too quick for comfort. My skin looked bright, felt super soft and really clean. That’s what I call a win- win…win scenario.   
acure cell stimulating facial mask

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