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Attention All Cat Lovers!

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Attention All Cat Lovers!...These tee's are the cat's pajamas. ;)

As if I couldn’t be anymore of a crazy cat lady, I find myself currently writing about these adorable cat tees from Adventure Kitty while a cat is curled up in my lap.  If you too are no stranger to cats in your lap, I suggest you take a look at their products, I have a feeling you will like them too.IMG_4091

I got my paws on (#punsfordays) the Steampunk Puss (aka Dr. Radar) scoop neck, burnout style tee. It is a lightweight, cotton jersey blend and super comfortable, I’m talking airplane outfit comfortable.  This tee is fitted just right and I love that it is on the longer side which makes it versatile if you choose to layer.  I received it in the Yucca Rose color, which is a beautifully soft, slightly peachy, pink color.  The Steampunk kitty graphic is such a cool, fashion-forward design.  Adventure Kitty offers a variety of hip, cat-centric designs that can appeal to even those folks who aren't the biggest cat-people (even though I'd like to think those people don't exist.)  They also have a variety of unisex tee's to accommodate both ladies and gents.

 I love that the kitties have back-stories so you can find out a little about them- for example; I learned that Steampunk Puss and I are both Aquarians and have a love for IPA beer. That practically makes us BFF.   As if this company couldn't get any better, a portion of every sale made benefits kitties in need.  Adventure Kitty supports a network of various cat shelters and their team members are personally involved in volunteering and fostering.


Photo Credit: Adventure Kitty

Like a good cat lady, I tried taking some photos of myself in the cat shirt with my cats. Epic fail.


To check out more of their designs, visit Adventure Kitty at To enter to win a free Adventure Kitty tee of your own, follow me on Instagram to learn how to win!

Editor’s Note: Please note that this post contains some affiliate links in which I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. A portion of commission earned is donated to animal rescues and organizations.  I was gifted this product however,  all reviews are 100% honest; I would not promote products nor companies that I do not believe in.♥  

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  • Denise on

    Love the cat shirt and the cute kitty models!!!!! <3

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