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A Mini Vegan Getaway in NorCal

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Recently, my husband and I set-off for a little road trip to Northern California to visit family.  While up there, we were able to check out a couple of vegan restaurants we had never been before and of course there may have been a brewery (or two) thrown in!

northern California vegan getaway

According to a recent Thrillist article, they named Santa Cruz as the hippiest city in California so naturally, I wanted to check it out because usually hippie=vegan food galore.  After what felt like a year of driving, we finally arrived in Santa Cruz...hungry and a little cranky.  Thanks to Happy Cow app (love love Happy Cow), we found Saturn Cafe- a vegan/vegetarian diner!  And usually, diner=quick service=we can shovel food into our mouths asap.

saturn cafe vegan diner santa cruz ca

We walked in and were greeted by the friendly hostess and equally as inviting space theme...

saturn cafe vegan diner santa cruz ca

And because our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, we ordered too much food and the sliders we ordered as an appetizer stood no chance of being photographed.  Let's move on to the vanilla bean milkshake, taquito plate and FLT with garlic fries...

vegan vanilla bean milkshake saturn cafe santa cruz ca

taquito plate vegan saturn cafe santa cruz ca

flt saturn cafe vegan santa cruz ca

Just look at those chunks of vampires would stand a chance.

After stuffing ourselves silly with #alltheveganthings, we mosied on over to Sante Adairius Rustic Ales to stuff ourselves further with beer.  I was happy to learn that the head brewer is vegan and they do not use any animal products when filtering their beer.  They may produce beer with honey or milk but they clearly indicate when they do so.

sante adairius vegan-friendly brewery santa cruz ca

sante adairius vegan-friendly brewery santa cruz ca

After a couple of days of gallivanting around the San Francisco area, we embarked back down to good ol' Southern California but not without stopping at The Butcher's Son first!  I kept hearing (and seeing!) good things about this vegan delicatessen so I was very excited to try it.  

the butchers son vegan oakland, ca

We got there right in time, it became SUPER busy which I think is always a good sign for vegan establishments, it gives me hope for the future.  We ordered the fried mozzarella, steak & egg hoagie and the roast beef ruben.  We also got a cannoli, bacon and parmesan to go because again, #eatalltheveganthings and who knows how soon we'll be back.  My high expectations for this place were met, everything was so delicious!  You could tell how much effort and care they take in making these delectable creations and they should know it is much appreciated!  Just look at all of this goodness...

vegan fried mozarella the butcher's son

vegan steak & egg hoagie the butchers son

vegan roast beef ruben the butchers son

Until next time! :)

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