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Ask A Vegan Chef

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 While scrolling through Instagram, I'm always in awe of the beautifully plated, drool-worthy vegan dishes people showcase.  And one particular account included in my admiration is Insatiable Vegan.  Just take a look at this:

ultimate vegan grilled cheese sammie

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sammie  (kale, pesto, spinach, Riverdel cheese, avocado and fakin)

Or this...

Salted chocolate avocado vegan pudding

Salted Chocolate Avocado Pudding (almond caramel, coconut whipped cream)

I had the pleasure to interview Breck Oxford,  founder of Insatiable Vegan and discussed where she finds inspiration for her culinary creations, advice for any new vegans or vegan-curious folks out there, some of her favorite foods to work with and more! 

insatiable vegan breck oxford vegan chef

Breck Oxford of Insatiable Vegan sipping on some beet, apple and spinach juice!

Name: Breck Oxford (insatiable vegan...)
Location: Brooklyn, NY and will travel for bookings.  I offer cooking classes, catering, and personal chef experiences as well as a vegan coaching program


Instagram: @insatiablevegan
Twitter: @insatiablevegan

Favorite quote: 
"I am recognizing that the voice inside my head is urging me to be myself but never follow someone else". - Q-Tip

Was there a specific moment or event that turned you to veganism?
Honestly, I don't have a profound story. One day, it just clicked...the key to a long happy life filled with gratitude is health and wellness.

When did you first realize that you had a passion for cooking?
Funny question...Actually, when I began dating my partner 9 years ago (it's always about a boy 😃). He loved introducing me to new foods and had a ferocious appetite. It was then that I started experimenting in the kitchen. A few years later I realized I had a natural talent for cooking. But it wasn't until I lost a job (that I thought was important at the time) that creating new dishes and feeding others was my passion.  It's genuinely the way I spread love and gratitude.

crispy cauliflower vegan tacos

Crispy Cauliflower Tacos (ranch dip, guacamole, carrots, purple cabbage, spinach)

Where do you find inspiration for new recipes?
Anywhere and everywhere! Oddly enough, music is a huge inspiration for me. I have a dance background so I see color and movement in music and translate it on a plate. Of course, I'm a foodie, so dining out and seeing other chefs creations are always super inspiring.

vegan spinach salad

Spinach Salad (blackberries, pistachios, avocado, tempeh bacon, sweet Vidalia onion dressing)

What are some of your favorite foods to cook with and why?
I'm an avocado junkie!!!! It's a superfood and can be transformed into to so many goodies, plus it's just a beautiful fruit.  Chickpeas are also a favorite of mine for the same's packed with so many nutrients, they're  health and wellness gold mine.  I'm also a huge fan of basil, it can make just about any dish pop.  Quinoa is also a staple, not only is it great for you, it also adds a nice texture to dishes both visually and on your palate.  Curry of any kind is also a go-to...I'd better stop before I name everything in my kitchen!

What is your ultimate comfort food dish?
It would have to be potato chowder...It's so rich and creamy, especially during the winter months. Plus, it's super cheap and easy to make! Great, now I want some...

What advice can you give to someone that is newly vegan or transitioning but isn’t sure where to start in regards to preparing meals?
I'd first ask why they've chosen the lifestyle because often times that gives me an idea of what they're looking for.  From there I'd tell them to start small and grab some vegan staples.  Trying alternative meats like tempeh and grain-based products like Field Roast make it a smooth transition.  Social media is also a wealth of information.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Listening to music, dancing, reading, hanging out with my partner and exploring the city.  I also love shopping at any local farmers market and trying new restaurants.

Where is your go-to happy place?
I honestly don't think I have a specific go-to happy place. Sometimes it's the kitchen other times it's the all depends on what my spirit needs in that moment.

What is some of the best advice that you have been given?
I've been given so much wisdom from so many great people that it's hard to pick the "best" as that changes based on the circumstance. That said, I'd say "Trust the process and be kind to yourself.",  is what resonates the most with me at this juncture of my life.

What is one goal of yours for the future?
To be happy! For me, happiness is having a healthy birth of my first child and a family that continues to thrive and succeed in our passions.

Be sure to follow her social media accounts (links above) for more photos that will really rev up your appetite and information about the services she offers!

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  • J. Fine on

    Please help me find a way to make toffee saltine crackers without the brown sugar and vegan butter seperating during the boiling process. This is a delicious recipe that gets ruined because of the seperation. When you pour the mixture over the crackers, the oils pour first, then the glob of brown sugar (toffee )

  • Nise on

    The food looks so delicious and colorful!!

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