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My Vegan Green Chef Experience

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My sister gave me a coupon good for one free week of Green Chef and I was thrilled to learn they have vegan it was pretty much a no-brainer to give it a shot!  If you are unfamiliar with Green Chef, it is a subscription service that delivers organic ingredients and chef-created recipes to your doorstep...chef not included so it's up to you to make the recipes come to life!

I received ingredients for 3 meals (serving size was for 2 people, they were definitely generous serving sizes.  I had leftovers of all 3 meals) and everything was packaged neatly in a recycled box and insulated with recycled jute, which politely introduced itself...

green chef vegan delivery

Delivery day! *Note, kitty not included.

 All of the ingredients were color coordinated, matching back to the recipes they are entailed for...which also made it easy-peasy for storing in an organized fashion.

green chef vegan recipes


First up was the Smoky Ancho Veggie Bowl.

Ingredients: black beans, corn, red onion, green bell pepper, lime, garlic chipotle sauce, pattypan squash, brown jasmine rice, scallions, cilantro, ancho chile powder

Calories: 660 per serving/ serves 2

green chef vegan recipe smoky ancho veggie bowl

The step-by-step directions they give you are very clear and basically make the whole process fool-proof.  I was immediately smitten with the pattypan squash...the name is even cute!

pattypan squash green chef vegan recipe

green chef vegan recipe smoky ancho veggie bowl

Chop, saute, saute some more...

I love that they even include directions for plating your dish like a pro...well to at least try!

green chef vegan recipe smokey ancho veggie bowl

Overall this dish was pretty good.  I was slightly bummed with the rice because it tasted a little dry.  I also felt like they called for too much oil (2 Tbs.) to saute the pattypan squash, they were a little on the oily side. 


Next up, Thai Basil Tempeh Wraps.

Ingredients: Tempeh, coconut-sesame quinoa, cucumber, lime, Thai basil, peanuts, yellow bell pepper, onions, ginger, garlic, umami ginger sauce, red cabbage and romaine lettuce

Calories: 660 calories per serving/ serves 2

green chef vegan recipe thai basil tempeh wraps

green chef vegan recipe thai basil tempeh wraps

The recipe called for toasted peanuts...which I may have left on for a *tad* too long but they were delicious nonetheless!

green chef vegan recipe thai basil tempeh wraps

The flavors of this dish were absolutely delicious!  They were a little messy to eat but hey, that's what forks are for.  There was a flavor explosion between the coconut, lime, Thai basil and Umami ginger sauce!  Nothing was too overpowering, all of the ingredients meshed together in perfect harmony.thai basil tempeh wraps green chef vegan recipe



And last but not least was the Bulgur-Stuffed Peppers.

Ingredients: Red bell peppers, lemon, marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper, corn, red onions, garlic, celery, hot sauce, bulgur wheat, hemp-seed hummus, baby kale, spinach

Calories: 590 calories per serving/ serves 2

green chef vegan recipe bulgur stuffed pepper
I love me some roasted red peppers!  And although it has been feeling like the mouth of hell where I live, I reluctantly fired up my oven but luckily the end result was worth it!  

green chef vegan recipe bulgur stuffed pepper

I love when everything is so colorful!

The end result...perfectly roasted red peppers stuffed with a medley of deliciousness including bulgur with veggies, hemp-seed hummus (so good!) and to top it off, hot sauce to give them a nice little kick.  The side salad was simple but flavorful, you can't go wrong with marinated artichoke hearts. 

green chef vegan recipe bulgur-stuffed pepper
 Please excuse my messy hot sauce placement.

Overall, I genuinely enjoyed my Green Chef experience!  Pro and con list coming at you in 3, 2, 1...


  • All of the ingredients were super fresh and of high quality
  • Everything is organic
  • They were thoughtfully created meals
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • All of the ingredients were color coordinated to each recipe
  • The sauces were delicious
  • Some of the veggies were conveniently pre-cut like the onions, garlic and ginger


  • The pre-cooked rice was on the dry side
  • All of the ingredients take up a good amount of space in the fridge so make sure you have room
  • The possibility of hit-or-miss meals
  • A little pricey

In regards to the pricing, since I had the coupon, the price was not an issue but if I were to of continued on with the subscription, it would cost appx. $80 a week for 3 meals/ 2 people at $11.99 per meal (also including the $9 shipping and handling per box).  You can also modify your subscription to deliver every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc.


For any additional info about Green Chef, visit their website and see what's coming up for the next delivery.  Happy cooking! :)

Editor's Note: Please note that I am not affiliated with Green Chef nor am I receiving compensation for my review. 

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  • GLoria WIlloughby on

    Very colorful vegetables. Looks so healthy.

  • Denise on

    All those meals look delicious!!

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