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My Visit to Sale Ranch Sanctuary

Renee Marchitto

Over the summer, I met Kid Rock...well kind of! This Kid Rock had horns, walked on four legs and was actually a goat (which is better than the human version if you ask me 😬).  He lives at Sale Ranch Sanctuary in Temecula, CA along with other adorable, rescued animals. 

I had such a fun time visiting with the animals and learning about how they came to be at the sanctuary.  Jen, the founder, was so warm and welcoming.  You can definitely feel how much she loves those animals.

Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula California Vegan

 And here is the elusive Kid Rock!  Just look at that beautiful goatee.  

Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula California Vegan

Kid Rock and his sister, Clover (who also resides at Sale Ranch), were found in an alley in back of an auction house.  Both babies were barely clinging to life.  They were discarded by the dairy industry.  Fortunately, Sale Ranch dedicated weeks nursing them back to health and after all odds, they thankfully survived and are now thriving.

Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula Vegan
Look at that peaceful smile on Kid Rock's face!
Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula Vegan
Beautiful Clover, Kid Rock's sister.
Continuing on to the tour, we met some more goat friends.  The cutie below is Bozzie.  He was brought to the sanctuary with his mom, Ellen and twin sister Harper.  Unfortunately, they were born into a backyard hobby farm.  Thankfully the owners reached out to Sale Ranch for help after Ellen gave birth to the twins.  Bozzie was born with a cleft lip and palate.  And Ellen tested positive for a common disease in goats that was thankfully treated successfully. 
Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula Vegan
Bozzie taking a stroll in his forever home.
Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula Ellen Vegan
Ellen enjoying some head scratches.

 The founder, Jen, has experience caring for horses so it's no surprise there are a few beautiful horses on the property.  We were greeted with a big smile by Gigi.

Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula CA Gigi

For most of her life, Gigi was a therapy horse for foster children and comforted people with anxiety.  Last year, a woman purchased her as a therapy animal but could no longer keep her.  Gigi is now spreading smiles to all the visitors. 

Eddie is another beautiful resident of Sale Ranch...just look at that sweet face!  

Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula CA Vegan

Eddie Van Halen (Eddie for short), was rescued from a kill pen with his blind brother, Ray Charles.  Before they ended up in such a deplorable position, they worked hard for their owners over 30 years only to be dumped at an auction.  They would have been shipped off to Canada for slaughter if Sale Ranch didn't step in.

One of the things I loved most about visiting the ranch was feeding some cute little piggies and chickies!  They're all a big fan of snacks, who isn't after all?

Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula CA Vegan

Impatiently waiting for snacks.

Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula CA Vegan

Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula CA Vegan
These chickens were hilarious!  They kept jumping up, eating the fruit out of my hand.

Janis Joplin was amongst the feeding crew. Janis was born at Sale Ranch to her momma, Etta James.  Etta was rescued when she was pregnant from harsh conditions at a breeding facility.  

Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula CA Vegan

Just look at that sweet face.

Merle Haggard taking a break from the feeding frenzy.  Merle was found running down the street by animal control.  They think he escaped from a backyard butcher which is common in the area he was found.  When he was brought to the ranch, they could tell his contact with people was not a positive experience and he had to learn there are good humans out there.

Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula CA Vegan

"Just leave the snacks and go people."

Hank was also in the same pen but he is a little timid because of his past.  When Sale Ranch took him in, he had an untreated broken leg and was terrified of people.  He slowly learned to trust again and learn that he is now safe in their care.

Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula CA Vegan

Hank chillin' in his little hut, watching from a distance.

We then got some snacks ourselves at the Original Herbivore truck which was delicious!  

Original Herbivore Vegan Truck

Original Herbivore vegan truck

The Reuben sandwich in all of its glory.

Before we headed out, I had to get in a photo opp with Faith.  She was only an hour old when she was dumped at a slaughter auction.  Without her mom's milk, her immune system was comprised and she was exposed to numerous diseases and bacteria inside the pens.  After fighting for her life for weeks, she is now healthy and happy.

Sale Ranch Sanctuary Temecula CA Fatih
Thank you to Jen, the founder, for taking this wonderful photo! 

I can't speak highly enough of Sale Ranch Sanctuary.  You can tell that all of the animals are very well taken care of and so happy in their peaceful environment.  This is how all animals deserve to live.  If you are ever in the Temecula, CA area, I highly recommend a visit! xoxo



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