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The Animal Museum

Renee Willoughby animal rescue cat dude cat lady vegan

After the recent grand opening of The Animal Museum in downtown Los Angeles, I found myself reminiscing about the night of the preview opening in October.  The Animal Museum is a one of a kind space that examines and raises awareness about our relationships with animals.  

the animal museum downtown los angeles

As soon as I found out tickets were available for the preview, I was immediately sold because a museum dedicated to animals + unlimited vegan hors d'oeuvres (you bet I had to Google how to spell that) + vegan booze (not unlimited but still...)= my kind of Saturday night.  I was also happy to read that the first exhibit was called "Crazy Cat Ladies: A Celebration of Kitties and their Champions" so even more reason to go and proudly sport my cat print dress.  If this photo doesn't scream cat lady I don't know what else does...

the animal museum preview opening

The "Crazy Cat Ladies" exhibit was about redefining what it means to be a "cat lady." When we hear that term we tend to picture a lady with rollers in her hair, wearing a cat-hair-covered bathrobe, lovingly attending to her 6-7 cats.  But on the contrary, "crazy cat ladies (and gents!)" are kind-hearted people that just want to make a difference for our feline friends.  The Animal Museum worked with various academics, nonprofits and advocates from around the countries in hopes to expunge the dated stereotype of what it means to be a "crazy cat lady."  For example, did you know that Abraham Lincoln took in stray cats as well cared for two permanent cats?  Pretty awesome, right?

the animal museum crazy cat ladies exhibit

Did anyone else have any of the beanie babies?  Talk about taking a walk down memory lane!

the animal museum crazy cat ladies exhibit

The exhibit was truly wonderful.  There was so much to read and see, the handful of photos I've posted don't do it justice.

The animal museum crazy cat ladies exhibit preview opening

To top it off, there was an appearance but the cat-daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy! 

the animal museum preview night jackson galaxy

And let's not forget about the vegan goodies I mentioned.  I mean just look at this spread (and this isn't even all of it!)...

the animal museum crazy cat ladies exhibit preview opening

I'm so excited to go back and visit the new and future exhibits.  This museum is such an extraordinary way to connect, educate and inspire the public about animals and how we can make the world a better place for them.

the animal museum preview night

 Click here to learn more about The Animal Museum and how you can visit!


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  • Gloria WIlloughby on

    The Animal Museum looks like an amazing place.

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