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Viva La Vegan!

Renee Willoughby

What do you do when you find yourself in Vegas staying at the Wynn?  You #eatalltheveganthings of course!  If you're  unfamiliar with why it is a little vegan mecca, the owner Steve Wynn became vegan in 2010 and added vegan options to all of the restaurants in the hotel.  And we're not just talking steamed broccoli on top of rice (which don't get me wrong, that can be delicious) but rather pasta, pizzas, dumplings, curries, crab cakes and so much more that it was impossible to try everything in one weekend.  But hey, we gave it a go, ate ourselves silly and took some photos along the way.  Which brings us to our first stop...

Vegenation is off of the strip in Old Town Vegas.  After you eat, you can check out the Fremont area which is sure to be entertaining!  (Tid bit: Vegenation was the only restaurant not in the Wynn or Encore we dined at.  The remaining establishments below are.)

vegenation vegan las vegas

That short drink of orange goodness on the end is their Moscow Mule made with carrot juice & apple juice. How cool is that?? You can get your drink on AND get in some nutrients.

Now for the main part...

vegenation las vegas vegan

From left to right: Save the Tuna sushi, Chicken Pot Pie Gnocchi, Daniel Negreanu meatball grinder

For dinner, we headed back to the Wynn for our reservation at Sinatra inside Encore.  It is an upscale Italian restaurant (as if you couldn't tell from the name) dedicated to Ol' Blue Eyes.  They play Sinatra's songs on loop which I love.  Now to the food...

Sinatra Wynn Las Vegas Vegan

From left to right: Agnolotti, Borlotti e Farro and Arrabiata

Included with our room reservation were two passes to the Wynn Buffet.  Having read that there are vegan options available there as well, we decided to check it out for brunch the next morning.  The selection was ok...nothing too special.  We were able to ask the cook at the omelet station to make us tofu scrambles which turned out pretty good!  Aside from those, everything else was slim pickins.  I recently found out that you could ask for a "vegan tour" of the buffet which is awesome.  For our brunch that day, the selections were pretty clear as to what was vegan or not but I'm sure the selections rotate and it may be trickier at times to navigate so I would definitely recommend the tour.

wynn las vegas vegan buffet

From left to right: vegan sushi, tofu scramble and mango rice pudding

If you're thinking to yourself that's an eclectic grouping of foods, I'd say you're right.  To add to the mix (not pictured) were spring rolls, salad and fruit.  So for it being free (aside from the from the tip), I would say it was pretty good but could have been better.  Not to worry though, we definitely made up for it later.

Which brings us to Andrea's!  We decided to go here before our dinner reservation at Lakeside.  We practiced some self-control and only ordered two appetizers.

andrea's wynn las vegas vegan

From left to right: Impossible Burger sliders*, Moscow mule ;) and vegan spicy tofu roll

 And for the main courses at Lakeside...

A pretty view for pretty food...

 lakeside wynn las vegas vegan

From left to right: Gardein beef wellington, Kite Hill ricotta dumplings and wild mushroom cannelloni

Fast-forward a few hours later, our gluttonous selves decided to get a late-night snack and by late night snack, I mean a pizza.  Just look at this beauty from Allegro:

vegan pizza wynn las vegas vegan allegro

If you've ever had the meatball pizza with ricotta cheese from Crossroads Kitchen in LA, this is basically a giant size one.

Before saying farewell to Sin City the next day, we made one final stop at Red 8.   

Red 8 wynn las vegas vegan

From left to right: Jade dumplings and Gardein Chick'n Shiu Mai

We finally rolled ourselves onto the plane, Violet Beauregard style and bid adieu to Las Vegas with full bellies and an eagerness to return and conquer the other vegan eats the city has to offer.

*Please note that we tried the Impossible Burger sliders before the unfortunate controversy broke.  I am in no way sponsored by any of the establishments mentioned above.

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