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Vegan Eats in Tulum

Renee Marchitto travel vegan vegan eats vegan travel

This post is a little late...ok, a lot late but better late than never right? Especially when there is delicious food that needs to be shared. In January, my husband and I were in Tulum, Mexico for a little birthday getaway which coincided with Tulum Vegan Fest.  This was my first time attending a vegfest outside of the U.S. which was so fun!  It was also my first time in Tulum which was a win-win!

vegan food in tulum mexico

One of our first stops was at The Real Coconut which was situated right on the beach.  A beautiful view and beautiful food, you can't ask for much more than that! 

The Real Coconut Tulum Vegan

The Real Coconut Tulum Vegan Avocado Toast

Now that's some good looking avocado toast- the bread is made out of plantains!

On to the main dishes...

The Real Coconut Tulum Vegan
(From left to right) The Real Coconut Tacos with hemp plantain falafel and chipotle roasted vegetables, The Real Coconut Quesadillas- coconut flour tortillas filled with their coconut cheese. 

Everything was so delicious and they had a lot of vegan options.  Also, their whole menu is gluten, dairy, grain and refined sugar-free!  They also mention that they are happy to accommodate anyone with allergies.

The next day we had brunch at an adorable vegetarian place called Co Con Amor.  It had such a relaxing vibe to it and the food tasted so fresh and you can tell everything was thoughtfully prepared.

Co Con Amor Tulum Vegan

Co Con Amor Tulum Vegan

(From Left to Righ)t: Tofu scramble and El Crudo sandwich.

Later that day we found the holy grail of tacos. SO good! And keep in mind that living in Los Angeles, we have a plethora of vegan taco vendors which are all delicious and unique in their own way but seriously, Charly's Vegan Tacos are some of my favorites- and I can't usually pick favorites. The way that they cook the "meats" and the marinades they use are amazing. Each taco was so flavorful, you didn't even need to add any salsa, hot sauce or anything.

Charly's Tacos Tulum

Charly's Vegan Tacos Tulum

Charly's vegan tacos Tulum Mexico

Charly's vegan tacos Tulum Mexico

When we attended the Tulum Vegan Fest that Saturday, we were promptly greeted by their welcoming committee. These guys were everywhere!

Tulum Vegan Fest

Tulum Vegan Fest

One of our first stops was The Pitted Date.  We inhaled a couple of breakfast burritos. I probably could have devoured a few more.

The Pitted Date Tulum Vegfest Vegan Mexico

The Pitted Date Vegan Tulum Vegfest

It was a HOT day so we took advantage of the Chale Cold Brew stand which really hit the spot.

Chale Cold Brew Tulum Vegfest Vegan

And because we couldn't get enough of Charly's tacos...

Charly's Vegan Tacos Tulum Vegfest Mexico

Charly's Vegan Tacos Tulum Vegfest Mexico

We continued to explore the festival and just enjoy the atmosphere. It was really a wonderful day, everyone was so friendly and just having a good time.

While in Tulum, we wanted to check out one of the cenotes, which are naturally occurring sinkholes.  They are cooler than they sound!  Luckily the Grand Cenote wasn't too far from our Airbnb.

grand cenote tulum mexico vegan

Grand Cenote Vegan Tulum Mexico

The water in the cenote was beautiful although a bit cold. One of the coolest parts was the bats that were flying around in the caverns.  And these adorable turtles that were swimming around. (Please excuse the crappy photo.)

Grand Cenote Tulum Vegan Mexico

And continuing on with the exploring theme (after all, we had to take some breaks in between eating), we visited the Tulum ruins which were surreal.  A little history lesson: Tulum was the only Mayan city built on the coast.  Tulum's specific purpose was trading in mainly turquoise and jade.  

Tulum Ruins Mexico Vegan

 Tulum Ruins Vegan Mexico

And we, of course, spent a fair amount of time at the beaches which were absolutely beautiful.

Tulum Beach Vegan Mexico

A couple of days in, we took a day trip up to Playa Del Carmen- which is only about a 45-minute drive from Tulum. Our first stop was The Pitted Date because we didn't get enough from Tulum Vegfest!  Can you blame us though? Just look at these sandwiches!

The Pitted Date Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vegan

 (From Left to Right): Bagelwich with panini bread and the Breakfast panini

On our walk down to the beach, we made a friend...

Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vegan

There were threats of thunderstorms the whole day while in Playa which made for some beautiful scenery.

Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vegan

Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vegan

Before our trek back to Tulum, we braved the pouring rain (thunderstorms granted) and headed to Comet Diner which is a 1950's themed all vegan diner!  How cute is that?  The ambiance was on point.

Comet Diner Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vegan

We had some classic diner specialties which were all so flavorful, maybe not the healthiest but delicious none the less!

Comet Diner Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vegan

Comet Diner Playa Del Carmen Mexico Vegan

Our stay in Mexico was coming to a close but not without hitting up another veggie restaurant.  This time it was La Hoja Verde- a vegetarian restaurant with a ton of vegan options that were clearly marked.

La Hoja Verde Tulum Mexico Vegan

Of course, we had to start off with chips & guac because the guac has been nothing less than phenomenal in Tulum.

La Hoja Verde Vegan Mexico Tulum 

Followed by the main courses of soy curl tacos and falafel.

La Hoja Verdge Vegan Tulum Mexico

Before we knew it we were back in LA, back to reality but still fondly looking back on our trip to Tulum.  It's such a beautiful place and definitely deserves more exploring.  If you've been, let me know what are some of your favorite places here in the comments! :) 


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